Trish (Patricia) Broersma roams the hills and trails surrounding Ashland in southern Oregon on her own horses and those of friends, conditioning them for trail and endurance riding and offering experiences for people and horses alike to explore new possibilities for their lives. Shown left on Beau, son of Emerald, the original Green Horse, they compete in his one and only endurance ride, before retiring a year later at the age of 22. Her personal motto is Yii Haa.

One summer day in 2007, Trish realized she was ready for a special relationship with a new horse, and within a week, Mystic Moon stepped forward as that horse, with a bold attitude on the trail, an exceptionally big heart, and a striking resemblance to Emerald. You can catch a glimpse of these qualities in her photo, left, as she gazes into the distance from a spring pasture. She is also the horse that trots across the coastal beach in the image for this site, an emblem of the mythic life accompanied by the horse.

In Fall, 2008, Journey arrived from Denver as a gangly, big 2 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Over the next two years he helped Trish deepen her previous year's discoveries with liberty training so that at the age of 4, he calmly and eagerly took to saddle and bridle. See him romping in the photo below in 2012, enjoying his athletic agility with another two years of development ahead of him.

Having grown up in Oklahoma with two horses that she showed Western in local competition, Trish attended William Woods University where she studied equine managment, saddle seat equitation, and liberal arts.
Upon transferring to the University of Michigan, she focused on undergraduate studies in pre-medical science, English literature and graduate studies for a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, international community development with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, marriage, and the birth and care of three children for the next ten years.
In 1980, she began training and teaching riding in San Antonio, TX, building a large youth riding and showing program called Horsemasters.
After ten years, she founded the Saddle Light Center for Therapeutic Riding and was director and head instructor, leading it to premier accreditation with PATH International (formerly NARHA).
In 1993, she re-established HOPE Equestrian Center in southern Oregon, leading the program to premier accreditation with PATH Intl. She also developed an innovative program for at-risk teens based on utilizing myth and the horse/human connection for transformational experiences. She was director and head instructor of HOPE for nine years.
She engages in part-time professional work with Jean Houston and her multi-cultural human development work, Peggy Rubin and her Center for Sacred Theatre, was licensed as a massage therapist for ten years, and maintains certification as a PATH registered therapeutic riding instructor and certified equine specialist. She is a faculty member for Equine Specialist Certification training seminars. She was 2007-2009 president of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, a section of NARHA.
Since 2003, she has devoted her time to writing, riding, and teaching internationally. She offers her skills as a graphic designer through her company Green Horse Graphics.

Accompanying Trish from a distance of geographical miles, but close and nearby in all other ways, are her children: Matt and Anna reside in Angouleme, France, and Bristol, England, shown here in front of the national French comics museum, the CNBDI (Centre national de bande dessinée et de l'image); Nathan lives in Burlington, VT, with Adrienne Goulette; the Cutlers, Lauren, Josh, Fiona and Gwennie, are in Chico, CA.

Little Anna Cybele joined Trish’s household in 2006 with a charming sense of humor, affectionate nature, and feisty opinions about her job.

Not shown due to camera shyness and impossibly limited web site space, are the host of friends whom Trish celebrates for their courageous mythic journeys and for their thousand degrees of friendship.

Read Trish Broersma's formal bio in the Press Kit.

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