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Riding into Your Mythic Life

“Patricia Broersma takes the work of Joseph Campbell and Jean Houston one colossal step further, offering practical advice and experiential lessons on how we become our own knights in shining armor through the wisdom of the horse. A pleasure to read and an adventure to live, Riding into Your Mythic Life  is an important book!”
   —LINDA KOHANOV, author of The Tao of Equus, Riding between the Worlds, and Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery

“Trish Broersma has given readers a great gift with Riding into Your Mythic Life. This special book provides a wonderful insight into the many ways horses can change lives through their power, magic, and mythic legacy.”
   — SHEILA DIETRICH, former CEO of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA)

“Through engaging rituals and conscious connection with horses, she helps us open to our mythic inner landscape and discover our true path in life.”
   — MARTA WILLIAMS, animal communicator and author of Learning Their Language, Beyond Words, and Ask Your Animal
Horses by their very nature are mythic creatures — they represent in our collective imagination aspects of the human journey at its greatest.

In Riding into Your Mythic Life, I invite readers on an experiential journey of tranformation with horses, offering ways to explore life’s events as part of a personal mythic journey, engaging the power of the horse for potent partnerships. The book offers horse enthusiasts and professionals, as well as therapists, educators, and lay readers, the opportunity to explore human potential through powerful experiences with horses and myth. It brings my work as a therapeutic riding instructor together with my studies in myth and body-based healing modalities. I hope you enjoy the ride, the high ride of your life.”


"Evocative and well-written, the book combines examples and case studies from history, literature and the author's personal experience, as well as a selection of transformative exercises, many of which you can share with your horse, to help you more fully explore the life-changing gifts your equine partner can offer you." EQUINE WELLNESS MAGAZINE

"Reading this book, I felt I was being gently guided on an experiential journey through my own life, discovering it from a much larger perspective and learning how to appreciate the magic and wonder of it. With Broersma's guidance, I found it easy and very empowering to see the events of my life in the framework of a personal mythic journey, as the great adventure it is. What a gift!" SHARRY LACHMAN, Eugene, OR

"This new book is a must read . . . . Broersma offers excellent, explicit exercises . . . . She skillfully wraps these in a narrative of the hero's journey. Every horse lover will understand and enjoy the human-horse connections spelled out in the book. Every literature student will enjoy the explanation of mythological implications in our everyday life. Riding Into Your Mythic Life  is a groundbreaking study into the new and exciting world of equine facilitated mental health by Patricia Broersma, a leader in the field." KATHY JOHNSON, Medicine Horse, Boulder, CO

"Compassionate and informative, this wonderful book is about that intimate relationship between horses and humans, and lots more." NATURAL HORSE MAGAZINE

"I keep this book on the kitchen table and read it with my morning coffee. I am finding that I go back to it and reread chapters after working with my horses." JULIE CAMPBELL, Rogue River, OR



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